Workflow Support
Robustness and Traceability
Technology and Connectivity
Legacy Support


In case you need to roll-out your model to a larger community that may not be familiar with MATLAB and requires a robust user interface, consider our Framework Application Solutions.
MonkeyProof Solutions developed a framework for MATLAB based applications that brings inherent robustness, user friendliness, traceability, data management and workflow management. Our framework produces GUI's with professional look and feel, offers significant flexibility regarding contents and layout, and reduces deployment lead times due to high levels of automation.

Workflow Support

Scientific and mathematical analysis is typically characterized by a number of phases:
  • Pre-processing (data management, case preparation)
  • Business processing (calculation, simulation, testing)
  • Post-processing (results analysis, evaluation)
  • Reporting (study reports, linking source data to results)
  • Consolidation (storing studies, results)
Our framework applications support and manage such workflows. For project overview, progress and status monitoring, the application features a governor: an interactive, dynamic tree view, facilitating project and job management.

Robustness and Traceability

Our framework applications are built with robustness and traceability in mind. The following capabilities are built in:
  • Forward and backward job version compatibility
  • User input validation (type, size, range)
  • Highlighting user input changes
  • Tight job status management
  • Logging and messaging

Technology and Connectivity

Our framework applications are of MATLAB origins, featuring dynamically built Java user interfaces. These interfaces are built by means of flexible content tables: no hand-coding is involved. This offers obvious flexibility, when it comes to introducing modifications or to adapt new underlying algorithms.

The framework provides full MATLAB support, including graphics, the MATLAB API and all connectivity options. Full Java support ensures compatibility with a variety of Java UI components.

Legacy Support

Our framework based MATLAB applications provide generic solutions, regardless of the origins of the application's mathematical core. We have built applications hosting FORTRAN cores, for instance. To facilitate a gradual migration or as a permanent solution, legacy MATLAB GUI’s can also be included as component in framework based applications.

The samples here just show what is possible. From basic to advanced: we can host your algorithms, in user interfaces big or small.


Contact us at MonkeyProof Solutions, we look forward to get to know you and to discuss your challenges.