Introducing CC4M - The MATLAB Code Checker

Guide your MATLAB code development towards production-quality software with the MATLAB Code Checker (CC4M). Your code: consistent, reliable and reusable. CC4M helps developers write clean, consistent and guideline-compliant MATLAB code. Achieved by performing checks and analyses. Accessed from the MATLAB editor or Simulink Model Advisor; MATLAB code, Simulink models and Stateflow charts are checked for consistency and errors.

CC4M performs (among others) checks on standard guideline conformity, functionality shadowing and missing dependencies. Integrate your company-specific verification guidelines by defining custom checks where needed. CC4M lets you works quickly, by offering navigation links to the exact corresponding location within the code for each failing check. In addition, CC4M analyzes your MATLAB code and presents useful information on functions and variables.


Standard checks

Reports presented by the standard checks includes (among others) a basic summary, information on block statements and name casing. These checks can be turned on and off according to your needs.

Custom checks

Tailor CC4M for your project, customize the code checker! Impose company or team-specific coding guidelines on your MATLAB code, put emphasis on what is important to you. Examples include variable naming conventions, casing guidelines and guidelines listing certain MATLAB functions should be avoided.

Version control

CC4M is seamlessly integrated with the version control software of your choice. Automate your checks for each commit, be aware as soon as poor construct or compliance challenges enter your repository.

Code analysis

CC4M analyses variables, functions and dependencies. For instance, it reports on function types and how variables are used. Get a grip and guide your software.

System requirements

CC4M requires MATLAB R2014A or later. Suitable for deployment on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.

Key Features

  • Results in compliant and legible MATLAB code
  • Facilitates teamwork, reuse and reliability
  • Guidelines compliance checking
  • Functionality shadowing checking
  • Dependency checking
  • Function and variable analysis
  • Configurable set of checks
  • Integration with version control
  • Intuitive and easy to use


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