MATLAB & Simulink

MonkeyProof Solutions is the centre of expertise for practical and structured usage of MATLAB and Simulink.


The consultants of MonkeyProof Solutions are engineers with a long track record in both hands-on application of MATLAB, and in MATLAB related transfer of knowledge. Key areas are:

  • Algorithm design
  • Software architecture and programming techniques in MATLAB
  • Effective usage of toolboxes for optimization, curve fitting, signal processing and neural nets
  • Connectivity with databases, datafeeds, data acquisition boards, OPC servers, vision systems
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) customization
  • Advanced, interactive (data) visualizations
  • Integration of MATLAB existing systems/software and vice-versa
  • Deployment of MATLAB-based applications as software components or stand-alone executables
  • Automated reporting


Simulink® and its tools (such as Stateflow) are the primary tools in making a model based design process successful.

The expertise of MonkeyProof Solutions in the application of Simulink extends to:

  • Modeling
  • Model architecture and tool configuration for:
    • Concurrent engineering
    • Minimal repeat work
    • Quick design iterations
    • IP reuse
    • Code generation
  • Workflow and tools for model conversion from floating point to fixed point
  • Tools and approach for model compliance with requirements of internal and/or external standards
  • Combination with third-party Configuration Management tools
  • Combination with third-party Requirement Management tools