Knowledge & Skills

Main areas concerning knowledge and skills of MonkeyProof Solutions are:


‘Simulate before you build.’ An essential phrase for successful model based design projects. MonkeyProof Solutions has extensive experience in several types of modeling:

  • MATLAB data- and algorithm modeling
  • Advanced Simulink/Stateflow modeling including (software-)architecture set-up
  • Simulink/Stateflow modeling and workflow for certifiable applications (verification and validation)
  • Simulink/Stateflow modeling and configuration for high performance production code generation
  • Automatic model generation using the Simulink/Stateflow API
  • Model Advisor (Simulink Verification and Validation)  custom checks for automated model reviews

Design data management

Organizing workflow and design data management is key to the success of your MATLAB and Model Based Design projects. MonkeyProof Solutions supports:

  • Workflow definition including review and release management
  • Traceability from requirements via design decisions to implementation, tests, and releases
  • Design data management including:
    • Version control and configuration management
    • Requirements management
    • Data dictionary management
    • Unit test management
  • Role based access on your design data (designers, testers, architects etc)

Code Generation

Production code generation is one of the key specialities of MonkeyProof Solutions.

  • Code generation configuration for targeting custom hard- and software environments
  • MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow modeling for performance code generation
  • Fixed-point model conversion and code generation
  • Model/code review and optimization
  • (Automated) integration of generated code in existing frameworks

Workflow design and implementation

  • Auditing existing workflows and design automation tooling usage within a department, organization or supply chain
  • Identify benefits and risks of migration/transition towards Model Based Design
  • Defining improvement steps with a focus on low hanging fruit in the total design automation process
  • Implementation of workflow and infrastructure