About MonkeyProof

MonkeyProof Solutions has been founded in the spring of 2008 by  Rolf Benschop(l) en Co Melissant(r)

Rolf Benschop

Rolf is MonkeyProof Solutions’ CEO.

Before co-founding Monkeyproof Solutions Rolf has been active in several technical roles within The MathWorks for more than 12 years. From which the last 7 years he acted as a Technical Manager for The MathWorks in the Benelux, Spain, and Switzerland. He was responsible for the technical pre-sales (application engineering), training and consulting services and after-sales technical support functions. In this role his focus was the technical development and direction of his team of academic engineers (BSc, MSc and PhD), the integration of the technical knowhow in the commercial and marketing activities of The MathWorks and he was directly involved in several implementation projects as well.

Rolf obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering/Dynamical and Control Systems from Delft University of Technology Delft in 1995. He graduated on a Mechatronics subject at Philips Research.

Co Melissant

Co is MonkeyProof Solutions’ CTO and lead developer of the Model Based Design Toolsuite. With a strong focus on doing things first time right, automation of repetitive tasks, and define once and reuse he manages MonkeyProof Solutions internal product development and provides technical guidance in customer projects.

Before co-founding Monkeyproof Solutions Co has been active in several technical customer facing roles like trainer, consultant and pre-sales application engineer within The MathWorks for more than 7 years. Co has both a broad and deep technical knowledge of the MathWorks’ product line, in the early days with a focus on data analysis and qualification. The last 5 years as Senior Application Engineer Co specialized in the area of System Level Modeling for Real-Time Rapid Prototyping, Hardware in the Loop and Embedded Software Generation for production environments. Validation and verification of embedded software and its impact on certification of the application is his expertise. Co has a clear and pragmatic view on design processes and workflows.

Co obtained an MSc in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology in 2000.