Team-based system design in Simulink & MATLAB requires coordination of modeling activities between team members. If not managed well, dealing with many different versions of (sub-) designs leads to severe loss in productivity, reduced confidence in the product quality, and low levels of customer service. Version control is the key to managing your organization’s Simulink & MATLAB designs.


After completion of the workshop, attendees have a good understanding of version control concepts; working experience with Subversion; and knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink specific features and add-ons that help manage design data.

Content of the training

The training introduces version control for software- , systems-, and control engineers using Simulink & MATLAB.

The morning will introduce the basic concepts of version control. Like for example versioning models, check-in and -out, locking, copy-modify-merge, committing file changes, change sets, central repository, local working copies and updates. It will be demonstrated how multiple engineers can work in parallel on the same design in a coordinated and controlled fashion, using these concepts.

The afternoon focuses on the extra challenges that graphical (Simulink) models introduce in case of comparing (diff) or combining (merge) different versions of a model. Basic Simulink features supporting a good system architecture allowing parallel development will be discussed.


€ 595,- excl. Dutch BTW/VAT
Including course materials, coffee, tea, and lunch. Please contact us for training at your site.

Registration and more information

To register, please contact us via email: or phone: +31 76 8200 314

Training Factsheet

For a detailed description of training content and agenda please download the MonkeyProof Training Factsheet