Partners in Design Automation

Complexity of design

Nowadays products become more and more complex. And a key question often raised is:
‘How do I manage the complexity of my design and my design workflow?’

MonkeyProof Solutions answers this question with deep knowledge, full oversight and many years of experience in (custom-built) design automation tools, processes and workflows based on MathWorks® products (MATLAB, Simulink).

Define once, use everywhere

One of the most important assets in a design process is your design data. Centralized and versioned management of your data is key to a successful design automation workflow. That is why the MonkeyProof Solutions philosophy is based around one simple phrase: ‘Define once, use everywhere.’

Working together

MonkeyProof Solutions is your best possible partner in using design automation software and implementing a requirements-driven design workflow. At the interface of engineering and design automation software the following services are available:

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