31 May 2012

MonkeyProof Solutions supports Septentrio in Developing High-Integrity Aircraft Approach Systems in Accordance with DO-178B Using Model Based Design

MonkeyProof Solutions has been working with Septentrio Satelite Navigation  NV, headquartered in Leuven (Belgium), ons several aspects of the adopted Model Based Design approach in for the development of a High-Integrity Aircraft Approach Systems in Accordance with DO-178B.

An article on this project has been published in the May 2012 MathWorks Newsletter.

Some quotes from the article highlighting aspects of MonkeyProof Solutions’ involvement:

“As we develop the models, we use the Model Advisor in Simulink Verification and Validation to check our model for compliance with modeling standards, including guidelines from the MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) and guidelines that we [Septentrio] developed in conjunction with MonkeyProof Solutions to facilitate efficient code generation.

“With Embedded Coder, we [Septentrio] generate source C code from our models for the Deos real-time operating system (Lev A RTOS) from DDC-I. Engineers from MonkeyProof Solutions have suggested modeling changes that optimize the performance of the generated code.

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