Model Governance & Risk Modeling

Risk Modeling

We can help you implement or refactor analysis tools for Risk Management, like internal models for Basel-II/III, Solvency-II and IFRS9 purposes. Focusing on software architecture, performance and automation, we live up to the challenges of increasingly complex and computationally intensive analyses. Quality-assured and scalable solutions, offering agility amidst rapidly evolving regulatory environments.

Keeping workflow integration in mind, automated report generation and database connectivity utilities are readily available. If required, interfacing with other environments is also supported.
Solutions are also on offer to meet the challenges of auditability, traceability and model governance. MonkeyProof modelSafe is specifically developed to cover these aspects from within a single, user-friendly environment.

Model Governance

The discipline of Model Governance is becoming more regulated and formalized. Authorities are increasingly interested in core understanding of the models themselves, their evolution, validation processes and underlying data quality. Most recent case in point: ECB TRIM. Challenges ahead, for Model Risk Management. Are your prepared? Learn about our solutions.

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